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Is your spa a breeding ground for bacteria & disease? Get your spa degreased today.
Spa Poppits Ultimate, great for you your spa and its equipment!
We only use high quality spa equipment that we know & trust.
Spa pumps, controllers, filters, jets, heaters and headrests. Our vast database of parts and equipment means you wont have to wait long, we've probably got it in stock!
Spa Equipment
At Spa Man we think spa hygiene is critical.We use Spa Poppits sanitising products. No foul odours, no itchy skin and evironmentally friendly. Great for you, your spa and its equipment.
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Stop your spa from looking cloudy and foaming all the time. Spa Man's most popular spa service will remove all contaminents from your spa and its pipework. Call 1800-SPA-MAN to book your service.
Degreasing your spa
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Perth's Spa Specialist
We can get your spa up and running and hygienically clean quickly and efficiently without breaking your budget. Call, 9309 4100 today.
Do you need help with your spa? Dont worry you've come to the right place.
Spa Man is Perth's leading professional spa service and repairer. We service and repair all types of spas, swim spas and spa baths. If you need spa equipment, spa accessories, spa parts, spa chemicals or need a qualified technician to attend to your spa then we can assist.