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Hot water evaporates more rapidly, thereby increasing the level of total dissolved solids and other impurities. It is a hospitable environment for bacteria and amoebas, which are dangerous to the health if not kept in check. Spa owners are warned by the health department that amoebas thrive in water between 28 and 40 degrees Celsius and can cause very serious, even life-threatening symptoms.

Spa Water gives off steam. Sometimes the most dangerous element of a poorly maintained spa is not in the water itself, but rather in the steam that rises above it. Airborne contaminants can be inhaled and as we have said the studies show that this can lead to diseases of the lungs when chlorine is used.

Not only is there a risk of bacteria and amoebas, the water turns acidic by pollutants, which affects the ph balance of the water, this in turn attacks the spas equipment and heater elements and can reduce the length of life from the expected life expectancy of 8 to 10 years down to as little as 3 years.

Spa Man can supply you with the ultimate spa sanitising system. Spa Poppits, the enviromentally friendly, chlorine and bromine free sanitising system. The Spa Poppits system is as easy as 1,2,3. No water softerners needed, you will not feel like you need to have a shower after spa, no chlorine or foul odours and no itch skin! Spa Poppits products are manufactured to strict APVMA standards and are designed to be kind to asthmatics and people with sensitive skins. Spa Poppits is the only company in the pool and spa industry to be approved by the Sensitive Choice Asthma Foundation.You can be confident with the ultimate in spa sanitising system, it makes sanitising your spa a breeze.

Spa Poppits also has great products for filter cleaning and pipe degreasing. These help remove harmful microorganisms, body fats and oils and ensures the water is clean and hygienically safe. Spa water should be tested prior to use and at least 3 times per week using a reliable water test kit.

Call 1800-SPA-MAN to order the Spa Poppit Ultimate Sanitising System
It is recommended to families and companies that use their spas regularly. It gives peace of mind that the water quality is always optimum and the condition of the pool is monitored on a regular basis without you ever having to worry. The classic spa service include;
We offer a range of professional spa care and repair services from regular weekly servicing to degreasing your spa services. Spa breakdowns and spa repairs are our specialty. Wether your replacing or repairing a spa pump, spa filter, spa controller, spa heater or filter you can rest asure we will more than likely have what you need. We only use high quality equipment from trusted brands like Hurlcon, Onga, Astral Pool, Spa Quip, Davey and Waterco
Spa Man services all Perth Metropolitan areas, from surrounding Perth suburbs right up to Yanchep in the north and down to Mandurah in the southt. You can be confident that your spa will be taken cared of quickly and professionally.
Spa Parts
The deluxe spa service is recommended to real estate agents, property managers, landlords, tenants, new home owners or any spa owner who has not had a deluxe spa service before.
Spa Equipment
• Spa inspection
• Spa filter cartridge clean
• Spa equipment inspection
• Spa water test and balance
Our fully equipted mobile support vehicles are just a phone call away. For fast and efficient service call 1800-SPA-MAN to book your spa service today.
The deluxe spa service removes biofilm from your spa. Bathing in a hot water spa causes body fats and oils, skin, hair, makeup, lotions ect to accumilate in your spas pipe work and equipment. This build up of biofilm causes problems such as cloudy spa water, foul odours and plays havoc with your sanitisers and chemical water balance. The deluxe spa service literally makes the spa seem like new again and ensures smooth running and hygienic safe.
The deluxe spa service includes;
Spas in general require more maintanance and repairs than a swimming pools. This is because a spa can have up to five time the equipment than a pool, spas operate at hot temperatures most of the time and chemical balancing of the spa water can damage the spa and equipment.

We conduct repairs to most brands of spa equipment so wether your spa pump, controller, gas heater, electric heater, filter, spa jets our technicians are fully insured and qualified to work on your spa.
• Inspect current spa operation
• Degrease spa filter cartridge
• Spa equipment inspection
• Spa Degrease Service
• Empty and clean out spa
• Check Jets and internal spa fittings
• Refill spa from Tap
• Inspect spa operation again
• Analyse spa water
• Balance spa water
• Leave you a report on the spa
Spa parts can be hard to find but because we have been in business since 1995, over the years we have built up quite a collection of parts that are no longer in circulation. Call 1800-SPA-MAN to order your spa parts.
The classic spa service can be conducted weekly, fortnightly, monthly & annually.
Call our office today on 1800-SPA-MAN and book your regular servicing.
Service & Repair, it's our Business!
The deluxe spa service can be conducted weekly, fortnightly, monthly & annually.
Call our office today on 1800-SPA-MAN and book your regular servicing.
• Spa inspections
• Spa breakdown service
• Spa equipment repairs
• Gas heater servicing & repairs
• Equipment sales and installations
• Air controls
• Controller parts
• Electric heater parts
• Filter cartridges
• Filter parts
You can be confident your spa will be taken care of quickly and professionally. Call 1800-SPA-MAN today to get your spa repaired.
• Gas heater parts
• Head rests
• Hoses & tubing
• Power buttons
• Pump parts
• PVC pips & fittings
• Spa jets
• Specialty fittings
• Lights & globes
• Fuses & cables
• Touchpads controls
• Thermostat leads & sensors
• Pumps
• Filters
• Blowers
• Gas heaters
• Electric heaters
We carry all trusted brands of spa equipment. From pumps to heaters, we have qualified technicians who can install your pool equipment. All equipment is covered by Western Australian warranties. Call 1800-SPA-MAN to order your spa equipment.
• Auto sanitisers
• Remote controllers
• Bath pumps
• Heat pumps
• Spa cleaners
Spa Accessories
Treatments We Use
We carry all different types of spa accessories for your spa. Call 1800-SPA-MAN to order your spa accessories.
Balancing Spa Water
• Spa solar covers
• Spa hard covers
• Wooden products
• Cover lifters
• Spa toys
Hot Water
• Thermometers
• Headrests
• Spa steps
• Aromatherapy
• Spa pillows
Spa hygiene is more critical than swimming pools. Spas have much less water than pools. Consider this; a bather’s body gives off contaminants such as skin, body fat, hair, perspiration and other body fluids, make-up, underarm deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, body lotion and oil residues. The less water there is to dilute them, the more concentrated they are. A bather in a spa adds 1.7 litres of sweat to 1000 litres of spa water in an hour. A swimmer adds only 500ml to a 50,000 litres swimming pool.
Call 1800-SPA-MAN to order your spa parts, equipment and accessories.
Airborne Contaminants
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• Spa Ozonators
• Airswitch Controllers
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